Medical Billing

Automatically scrub claims against a list of more than 10 million federal, state and commercial claims edits.

Introducing MediOasis Medical Billing—a powerful service that combines deep medical billing and process expertise with award-winning MediOasis software into a comprehensive medical billing and A/R management solution proven to maximize physician reimbursement.

Our medical revenue management service frees you from the costs and tasks of managing complex software, systems, and personnel. Easily offload cumbersome business and billing processes to MediOasis and put more focus on the medical side of your practice.

Our renowned customer service is exceeded only by our relentless pursuit of every reimbursement. With medical billing sophistication normally available only to large institutions,  MediOasis puts you on equal footing with the large payer systems in an affordable, worry-free solution.

Our Medical Billing Team

MOHS will file accurate claims and see quicker reimbursements with our medical billing software. We have our own clearinghouse files claims directly with commercial and government payers without the need for additional software.
  • Improve reimbursements by an average of 5 percent in the first 2 months
  • Instantly verify insurance benefits and make billing adjustments
  • Follow-up on accepted, rejected, and overdue claims quickly and easily

Claim Scrubber

Improve accuracy by checking all claims against a database of more than 10 million common claims edits. Automatically scrub claims and make edits before filing.

Electronic Remittance Advice

Post copays, deductibles, and government and commercial payments instantly to patient accounts. Reduce paperwork and confidently store account information in the cloud.

Batch Payments

Record payments from multiple claims and patient tickets all at once. Turn claims over to secondary plans or patient responsibility in seconds.

Patient Statements and Collections

Minimize overdue copays with easy-to-understand statements, broken down by visit. Automatically print letters to patients with outstanding and delinquent balances.

Reporting and Analysis

Take control of your fiscal health. Track reimbursements and outstanding payments with dozens of standard and hundreds of customizable reports.

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