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Efficiency at its Core.

MEDI OASIS Consulting incorporates over 25 years of combined expertise to help differentiate our practice above the rest.  Through careful analysis, strategic planning, and effective implementation, we will execute a comprehensive data integration assessment of your organization for maximum efficiency, reduced stress, and improved patient care.  After working with hundreds of clients, our business and technology solutions specialists are seamless in helping providers transition to more efficient workflows.  We strive for nothing short of the Perfect Practice.



Allow our experts to work with you as they harness decades of experience and knowledge to help transform your practice management workflow and medical office operations into the Perfect Practice.


EHR Integration Services has established a team of healthcare information specialists who leverage their knowledge and experience in healthcare IT to transform complex data integration issues into the clinical and operational work flow improvements required by today's electronic medical practice.

We offer a wide range of services with a focus on work flow improvements in four critical areas within your practice:

Front Desk Processes

Improve the patient experience and streamline your check-in operations.

• Patient Check-in Kiosk and Payment Integration

• Patient Photo Capture / Scanning Solution

• Patient Portal Integration

 Clinical / PM Workflow

Optimize your clinical and practice management systems.

• Dictation / Transcription Integration

• PDF Creation and Filing Solution

• Quality Performance Solution

Back Office Productivity

Improving your bottom line through back office efficiency.

• Chart Archiving Solution

• Chart Creation and Filing Solution

• Claims / Remit / Eligibility Integration

• Revenue Cycle Management / EDI Integration 

Information Technology

Creating efficiencies through a holistic approach to integration and data management.

• Extraction / Conversion Services

• HIE Integration

• Interface Development / Training Technology Support

• Blockchain Technology

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